Bondage Classes

Learn bondage and femdom from renowned rigger and AVN Hall-of-Famer Julie Simone. I offer two different types of classes, which are described below.

Classes I have scheduled to teach are Femdom Bondage 3 hr Intensive ($100) and Basic to Intermediate Bondage 4 hr Intensive ($125, person or $200/couple). I also teach private lessons @ $150/hr, and 2 shorter 45 min classes on Breath-play Techniques and Hand & Foot Bondage.

Want Private Lessons?

I also offer private one-on-one lessons, custom tailored to your interests and skill level. Click here for the Private Lessons Request Form.

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Basic to Intermediate Bondage

Julie Simone Bondage Classes

$125/person or $200/couples

4 hr class. Class size limited to 8

World renowned rigger and AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone teaches a hands on class that includes a wide range of techniques including western and japanese style bondage. Each person attending will get one on one time with Julie for each and every technique she demonstrates. Julie breaks it down and makes it simple and easy to grasp so attendees leave feeling confident they can do the techniques later.

Topics include :

  • Safety
  • Quick Release Knots
  • Wrist and Ankle Cuffs
  • Chest Harnesses - the building blocks
  • Elbow ties and how to secure them
  • Frog Ties
  • Securing the legs
  • Hogties - classic and variations
  • Ebi or Savage Fold
  • Bondage for Sex
  • Straitjacket Rope Tie
  • Crotch Ropes
  • Breast Bondage
  • Hand and Foot Bondage
  • Strappado
  • One legged Suspensions

Femdom Bondage

Julie Simone Femdom Bondage Classes


3 hr class. Class Size Limited to 6

Lots of people teach technique, but what happens when it's just you and a client behind closed doors? How do you know how to tie them? What position and style will best give them the experience they seek? One simply cannot tie a man using techniques learned for tying women. Their bodies are different and come with a different set of challenges including flexibility and weight distribution. The biggest complaints of bondage clients is that Mistresses don't know how to tie, they tie slowly or their bondage is easily escaped.

World renowned rigger and AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone teaches a hands on class that covers the psychology behind the ropes, client personality types and what each one wants to get out of their bondage experience. She shows a variety of techniques that will enable you to work efficiently and quickly as you blow your clients away by changing their positions with ease and without having to completely untie them between each one, thus taking them out of their sub space. Each attendee will get one on one time with Julie Simone for each and every technique.

Techniques include :

  • Safety
  • Quick release knots
  • Chest Harnesses - the building block
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Ties for Strap On
  • Frog ties
  • Working around Men's limited flexibility
  • Thwarting the Escape Artist
  • Classic Western Ties
  • Japanese Bondage - Asymmetrical ties
  • Hogties - classic and variations

Private Lessons

I will train you in private, for $150/hour. You'll need to check my schedule if you want to book me while I'm near (or in) your city. If your location is more than 30 minutes driving distance from one of the scheduled classes - you will ALSO need to pay for my transportation. That includes airfare and hotel, where applicable. This is a permanent offer, so you can book me anywhere in the world if my travel expenses are covered. If you have questions, you should email me in advance as there are NO REFUNDS once booked. Reach me at : with the same details that I list below.

The below "Buy It Now" button will charge you for one hour automatically. I will contact you after the transaction to work out details, at which time you will need to pay in advance for more hours.

I also need the following information :

  • Your current skill level (or level of knowledge)
  • What you hope to accomplish with private lessons
  • Your location (city or province, state and country)
  • Possible dates that you'd be available for private lessons